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“It is a truism that everything that can be said about Vietnam, Watergate, and that terrible era in our history has been said or written.  Marc Yablonka proves this wrong, as he explores those days from odd and untouched angles.  He creates an unforgettable portrait of something you thought you knew well, and find you did not know at all.”

— Jim Morris, author of WAR STORY

“Marc Yablonka captures the nuances and sidelights of Vietnam and the personalities of the war in Southeast Asia.  I spent two years flying Army helicopters in this conflict, and Marc brought out some views that I was not aware of.  Combat is not all war stories and he artfully fills in a lot of the blank spaces for veterans like me.  His writings will help others understand the war better.  Yablonka has a skill and it shows in his recent work.  Hope there is more to come…”

— LTC (Ret) Tom Lasser, RVN, 1967-68, 1968-70

“Author Donald J. Farinacci's latest work, THE ALLEMAGNE DECEPTION, is a terrifyingly suspenseful and gripping account of a history that few Americans know.  While the shooting war in Vietnam was hot and the bellicose actions of the Cold War were in the papers, an unknown, but strategically important and viciously executed secret war raged in Europe between the unsung intelligence services of Democracy and the Stalinesque forces of Communism.”


“For those of us who lived through the confusing 1960s, Don Farinacci's THE ALLEMAGNE DECEPTION brings back memories—both somber and frightful—our inheritance from those who lived through the 1940s.  This book reminds us that the world was far more complicated than just an unpopular war in Vietnam.”

JOYCE FAULKNER, President of Military Writers Society of America, and Award-winning author of ‘IN THE SHADOW OF SURIBACHI’ and ‘FOR SHRIEKING OUT LOUD! 


One of the most terrifying moments of the Cold War occurred in October 1962, when the United States and former Soviet Union nearly came to blows during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Now, in a riveting new book, 1961 - SLIDING TOWARD ARMAGEDDON, Donald J. Farinacci looks at events leading up to the crisis.  Although this is a work of fiction, there is a lot of history here to validate the author's insightful examination of those events.  In much the same way that Don Delillo fictionalized events leading up to JFK's assassination in LIBRA, Farinacci excels with his ability to fictionalize the events leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis while offering plenty of history along the way to remind readers of just how close the world came to Armageddon.

This book is a real page-turner and I highly recommend it.


“Farinacci deftly draws in the reader with his unique style and one comes out of the experience wondering if the book is really fiction. Vivid and dramatic, the scenes played out in this historical thriller are anything but light. The author makes a point of showing us in no easy manner how close the world was to a nuclear war between 1961 and 1962. The book is thoroughly researched and the expressions of the principal actors of this play (the presidents) are accurately penned out.  One begins to imagine the enormity of the burden these men had to bear during this predicament.”

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— GEORGE SHADOW, ( review)

“In this story of Global War on Terror focused in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a story of families, a story of enormous sacrifice.  Not just by people who wear the uniform in the theatre, but by the families back home.”


CONGRESSMAN DUNCAN HUNTER, Chairman, Armed Services Committee U. S. Congress 2003-2007

I must say that this was the most raw book that I've ever read - John & Stacey left nothing out of their journey.  They shared their joys in raising Matt from childhood into adulthood and the incredible grief of his death.  They share their selfless story of how they created the Holley Provision and also John's story of going back to Iraq.  This was such a beautifully written story.  There is never a day that goes by that I don't cover this family with my prayers because I just can't forget this story.  May we never forget our soldiers, their families and their sacrifices.”


Heroic efforts don’t always take place on battlefields.  What John and Stacey Holley have done to restore dignity and honor for our fallen warriors deserves more than a medal or a few headlines, it merits our nation’s eternal gratitude. ”

— SALVADOR RIVERA, Former KGTV-ABC 10 News Reporter

“I’m very pleased to announce that the December 2011 issue of our online book review magazine ‘Reviewer’s Bookwatch’ features ‘THE FINAL SALUTE.’

Kathleen Rodgers has created a true-to-life novel of Air Force life in THE FINAL SALUTE.  The characters are believable and the description of military life is real.  I know what I am talking about because I grew up as the daughter of an Air Force officer.  I ‘knew’ many of the people, both military and dependents, described in this novel of military life of pilots and non-pilots. ”

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“I loved this book!  As the wife of a retired Marine fighter pilot I expected to enjoy this novel about life in the Air Force written by a retired Air Force fighter pilot's wife.  However, I expected to be confronted at all times with the differences between the branches of the military.  Not only did I enjoy Tuck and Gina's story, I met my sister of another mother in Kathleen M. Rodgers.”


“The book THE QUEST FOR FORGIVENESS was a compelling read about a young woman's struggle to both give and receive forgiveness.  After committing a terrible crime and ruining many lives, including her own, she comes to a breaking point in her life where she must confront her past.  As she learns to accept God's forgiveness, it becomes a struggle to learn how to forgive herself.  The book includes a cliff hanger of a story line that keeps you wondering what will happen in the next chapter.  A good, wholesome read for all ages, but especially for teen and preteen girls.”

— SHARI HADLEY, ( review)

“Inspirational!  A great inspirational story that touches a subject close to everyone's heart - finding unconditional love.  This book is great for all ages, but personally inspires young adults about making good decisions out of difficult choices.  Thanks for another stirring story, J. L. Rothdiener!”

— A. J. MATTERN, ( review)


He did it again!  A QUEST FOR SKYE brings a message of hope and renewed dreams.  It inspires the reader to be a better person.  A simple read, with layers of intrigue kept me going to finish the book in record time.  As with his other books, I did not expect the ending, but it was the ending that had to be written.  I laughed.  I cried.  I can't wait for my teenaged daughter to read it.   It may soon be her new favorite too.

— MELBA LACKEY, ( review)

What a great story!  Sky, with an e is John's latest and certainly a great story.  You can easily invasion the star character, and admire the qualities she processes.  The story has its moments when a box of tissue would be nice.  I read this book going and returning from Hawaii, and related to it when we saw the whales breaching and singing there.  You will enjoy this book.

— WILLIAM HARTLEY, ( review)

“Part McHALE’S NAVY, part BAA-BAA BLACK SHEEP...  A view of the Pacific that will capture the imagination and bring it home.  I recognized more than one former shipmate and battle-buddy!  Oddly enough, or maybe not so surprisingly, the American Spirit transcends generations, and can be found in the damnedest places!”


PHOENIX is not only a study in leadership, it is an historically accurate look at the aircraft and military battles in the Solomon Islands.  It is full of detail without becoming tedious - the perfect intersection of novel and history book.”

— R. A. STRONG, LT. USCG (Ret.), ( review)

Hilarious...a great perspective into the crazy world of retail!  Knowing very well how dynamic the retail world can get, I totally appreciated this chaotic story about a store chain culture "gone bad" and how a star employee tries to turn it around.  Lots of fun to read as most people can relate to situations mentioned in the book, if they've ever worked the crazy, entertaining world of retail!


Have you ever have one of those work days where you say, "You can't make this stuff up?"  With David Lucero's history in sales, he has captured those funny thoughts and comments that come to you during your working day.  Once you have started reading this book, you will make time to read it until you are done.


David Lucero's WHO'S MINDING THE STORE? is an entertaining and perceptive romp inside a world that most shoppers don't really know.  His harried, hassled store-manager protagonist tries to provide a good home and family life while dealing with self-important customers; problem employees; shoplifters; and internal intrigue.  Lucero gives us a revealing and amusing look at the business from the inside.



Gerald Gillis has a way of drawing you into his books, making you take every punch and jab at the main character as a personal attack.  I could not put this book down.  I am not and never have been a part of the corporate world, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to relate to any of the characters in this book.  I trusted the author and thank God I did!  From the first page until the last the author gives you full insight as to what each character is thinking and feeling at each precise moment.

This is a GREAT book with GREAT lessons to learn!
 I recommend it to everyone

BEN HARVEY, ( review)

Welcome to the world of cutthroat, backstabbing, power-grabbing big business and corporate greed.  DARE NOT BLINK by Gerald Gillis is a fictional account of this world and the lives it affects.  I really enjoyed this novel, in part because of its realism and similarities to the real world of corporate greed and ambition.  Gerald Gillis did an excellent job of developing the storyline and stuck to the main theme throughout all of the twist and turns.  It was easy to follow and very believable.  Once I started reading, I had trouble putting the book down.

LARRY B. GRAY, ( review)

In the blink of an eye you could be gone, your territory eliminated...  This is one corporate thriller you want to read, but be careful... you won't be able to put it down once you start.  Where will Dave Paige wind up, and who (if anyone), will stand behind him?  One outstanding novel, one solid and strong character, and author who kept this reviewer glued to the printed page...

...I read this book in less than two hours.

SAM FREENE, ( review)


“It is hard to describe my feeling, as a veteran of a different war, the emotions one experiences when reading PACHYDERMS by Danny Buoy. This story isn't new, nor is it surprising, it is however unique. The experiences of a man in the original Army Aviation unit that fielded the first Chinook aircraft provides a view of the Vietnam War that has an entirely different slant.”

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JON, ( review)

As I experienced vicariously what this young soldier was going through, and as he was about my age, I began to be interested.  Needless to say, my first reaction was this can’t be true; the army can’t be so severely damaged with the ‘Peter Principle’.  But as I became involved in this story, I was amazed, admiring, sickened, and just plain disgusted at the conditions these young men had to face for MY country.”

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This is a book that every time you read it, you will get something valuable from it.  PACHYDERMS deals with war and everything a war stands for and means.  Reading this book brings you to Vietnam - but that's not the only war going on within these pages.  The honesty and strength I found was truly moving.

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ROSE IWAN, ( review)


From A-Z What a Veteran Means to Me! - is a great combo of both a picture book and informational book for children's literature. It is a great introduction to veterans and armed services to children that is factual, fun and has feeling. The book does a great job of illustrating the seriousness of a Veteran's work, without it being too emotional for kids. The pictures are drawn by a this book is for kids, by kids.”

K. M. FLOWER, ( review)

I had the pleasure of seeing this book for the first time at the home office of the publisher, Navigator Books.  I have been meaning to purchase one for my own daughter, whose daddy is in the United States Navy.  My daughter's current teacher (in a completely civilian community) has no plans on covering Veteran's Day in her classroom.  The students enjoy having the day off from school, but they don't understand the concept of veterans, or what we owe them.  I plan on having this sent directly to the teacher!  It is the perfect book for explaining in a simple structure.

K. C., San Diego, CA


I personally know Fred Steen. In years he is over 80, but with alertness and love of life, he is still very young.  Fred has written fifteen plus books.  SECRETS is Fred's latest book, and like his other books, SECRETS, is outstanding.  In three stories Fred addresses three common life situations.  "Forbidden Fruit" beautifully addresses brother-sister love, sex, and their years together.  "The Last Laugh" describes in detail a sex-craved wife, Christine Boger, who just couldn't get enough extra-loving and her heartbroken husband Val, who took it as long as he could before getting the last laugh.  "The Bag" is the third story and it deals with money; the root of all evil.  You will be shocked ”

Ridge Runner


Dr. Wolmarans provides a clear and concise book of what God wants us to be.  I finished the book in a single afternoon.”

FARMER MIKE, ( review)


“This heartfelt international collection of creative works dedicated to the recovery of America's storm-stricken heartland is also a tribute to the caring of our global community.  A rewarding read for a deserving cause.”

MONICA LEWIS, Singer/Author/Humanitarian

The humorous, touching, and compelling essays, poetry, short stories, and photographs in TWIST OF FATE are an inspirational international literary quilt and a wonderful testament of outreach to people struck by tragedy.”

— DWIGHT JON ZIMMERMAN, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

TWIST OF FATE is an anthology of poetry and a few short stories, I highly recommend.  The book was produced by caring people from around the world FOR caring people from ...around the world who wish to benefit the tornado victims of Oklahoma.  ...TWIST OF FATE needs to sit on your coffee table and rest comfortably in your heart.”

— DON BENDELL, Bestselling Author


“I enjoyed learning about the Korean War from the first hand perspective of an infantry soldier who had no fear in the face of death. He and his twin brother Richard and their good friend Robinson lived through some horrific situations. Robert's style of writing is compelling and exciting and includes humor and insight. This is a book of near death encounters on a regular basis and his complete honesty in the telling of this experience is profound.”

MARY E. SIMPSON, ( review) of the most remarkable true Korean War stories I've read in many years.  This book takes the reader into the barrooms of post World War II Japan.  He thumps drunken soldiers' heads as he serves MP duty.  He witnesses his leading sergeant drive a jeep right through a barroom door.  He carries you up the hills as he fights Chinese invaders.  He charges ahead with a pistol in one hand and a Samurai sword in the other.  How SGT Mercy captures dialog, humor, action, and absolute battlefield chaos is beyond imagination.  This book is a must read.”

— FREDERIC N. ROUNDS, ( review)




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