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When Grandma's False Teeth Fly

Katie is not a little girl anymore, she is six years old!  But some mean girls at school still tease her about her chipped baby tooth. Katie seeks advice from her grandma, who will tell her a hilarious story that encourages her to use humor instead of anger or sadness to solve her problems. Join Katie and Grandma for a touching, funny, and inspiring story about When Grandma's False Teeth Fly.

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"...a delightful story for children who may be unsure of their personal appearance for one reason or another.  Six year old Katie has a chipped front tooth and some of her classmates tease her about it.  Katie has a wonderful relationship with her grandmother, so she decides to take her problem to grandma to see what advice she might get, along with chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk.  The interactions between Katie and her grandmother are precious.  The child learns to handle her own problem with humor. The illustrations in this book are marvelous!"  (Click here to download the full review.)

Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite

"My little one actually sat still for this book!  When Grandma's False Teeth Fly is an adorable story that reminds grown-ups and children alike to be able to laugh at ourselves.  When 6-year-old Katie comes home from school, she tells Grandma ALL about her day.  It was pretty good day until some mean girls start laughing at Katie's chipped tooth.  Then Grandma tells Katie a VERY funny story about the day her false teeth flew into a bowl of chocolate pudding at a church social! One of reasons I love When Grandma's False Teeth Fly is it teaches children they have the power to control a situation.  They can turn something awkward into something they can laugh about. "  (Click here to read the full review on Amazon.com.)

Kathryn McClure

"When Grandma's False Teeth Fly is a cute book that is well received by children.  I have had the opportunity to read this book to several third grade classes who thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were able to discuss the topics of embarrassment, bullying, relationships with grandparents, memories, sharing stories, and even baby teeth vs. adult teeth.  It is a book that youngsters will be able to learn to read on their own after hearing the book several times.  It is a great lesson regarding taking an embarrassing situation and turning it into a positive situation.  It opens the door to discussing bullying, although this book doesn't provide a lot of solutions, the conversation will lead to adults sharing possible strategies with the children listening to the story.  I feel the best lesson is helping children learn how to change an embarrassing moment from a "laughing at" moment to a "laughing with" moment.  We all could improve in that department."

Joyce M. Gilmour, Editing TLC


When Grandma's False Teeth Fly    (Paperback Edition)