TRUMAN AND MACARTHUR Adversaries for a Common Cause

Winner of the MWSA 2011 Korean War Book Award
(Co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of the Korean War at Graceland University)

2010 Winner of the MWSA Silver Medal for History


This book tells a story of events which occurred during a brief but momentous period in American history, involving two extraordinary men, President Harry S. Truman and General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

The story tells of their interaction during a time of grave national crisis, how they veered badly off course and ultimately collided head-on. It was a collision which both altered the course of history and irreparably changed their personal destinies.

Included are details of the Korean War during the 1950-51 period. 80 photos, 6 maps, 1 ill., 6 documents.

Donald J. Farinacci's inspiration for Truman and MacArthur was twofold: The incredible heroism and hardship of our fighting men and women in the Korean War, and one of our greatest presidents (in the author's opinion), Harry S. Truman.



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