A friendship formed in World War II may be the only thing that can stop World War III…

Berlin, 1945 — A U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and a Soviet Army Lieutenant comb through the bombed-out ruins of the Nazi capital, searching for evidence to be used in the war crimes trials at Nuremburg. They are two warriors from opposite sides of the Iron Curtain, drawn together by shared revulsion for the inhuman atrocities of the Third Reich.

Two decades later, America is embroiled in the Vietnam war and the U.S.S.R. has become a ruthless empire of communist oppression. A team of U.S. military intelligence officers in Munich play deadly games against KGB operatives, traitors, and assassins. The Soviet military crashes across the border of Czechoslovakia, smashing all resistance beneath the treads of their tanks. The invasion of Western Europe has begun, and NATO is not ready for the assault.

The Cold War is about to go hot…

Donald J. Farinacci's inspiration for The Allemagne Deception stemmed from his long personal history as a veterans' advocate.  During the past few years, Vietnam and Korean War vets have finally begun to receive some of the recognition they have earned.  Cold War veterans have been largely ignored.  The author decided to write this book to raise public consciousness level about  this group.

Although he typically writes nonfiction, he chose the medium of a novel in the hopes that he could entertain his readers while still making the point.  He offers his gratitude and admiration to the "Cold War Veterans of America."



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